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When you have fun learning — 2019-08-28

I completed the Roguelike challenge and then started writing yet another blogging app (this time in Python).

From one challenge and into another — 2019-06-21

I didn't complete the Every Day in May challenge, but I started a new, and vastly different, challenge.

Using the Flask-RESTful library — 2019-04-29

An update to our previous post, upgrading our API to use the Flask-RESTful library

Simple JSON API with Python and Flask — 2019-04-11

A tutorial covering the bare minimum for creating a simple JSON API using Python and Flask

How to get started — 2019-03-28

There are many resources to comb through when learning something new.

Learning Python — 2019-02-28

A bit about learning the Python language and Lists of Bests.

Back to Windows? — 2019-01-14

Explaining how a Windows laptop is now my primary non-work computer.

Stopping CNN's autoplaying videos with a Chrome extension — 2017-11-15

I'm sick of CNN's autoplay videos, and I'd like to learn how to write a Chrome extension

Bringing back an old friend — 2017-10-30

Where I explain that I'm going to try and bring 'Lists of Bests' back from the dead.