Collage image of Flickr and Roguelike banner

Well, I didn’t complete the Every Day in May challenge like I was hoping to, but I did do better than last year. Last year I completed 10 of the daily challenges; this year, I finished 17. But even without completing all of the prompts, I am pretty happy with a few of the sketches:

So, what’s this other challenge then? This go around it’s not a sketching challenge, but a programming one instead: r/roguelikedev Does The Complete Roguelike Tutorial. Basically, we’ll follow along with a multi-step tutorial - completing a little bit each week - and by the end, we should have a somewhat full-featured, text-based game. Since the tutorial uses the Python language, that’s another bonus the challenge has.

I had never played many roguelike games in the past, but more recently they have caught my interest. Since I’ve lost most of any skill I had in the past for first-person shooter games (which I played a lot of in the 90s and early 00s), I’ve become more interested in other kinds of video games. One example, is Dwarf Fortress. While it’s not technically a roguelike - though it looks a lot like one - I’ve been diving into the madness that is that game. I’m sure I’ll have a post on that game at some point, too.