Photo of the sign from the 222 BAR on the North Side of Pittsburgh

Thanks to the Roguelike challenge I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been having a lot of fun working on my Python skills. To be honest, competing in the challenge was mainly a lot of typing out code from a tutorial, but it did help me learn additional syntax, tips on class creation, and overall project organization. Building such a big project also got me itching to start on a another where I’m writing all the code myself (not a tutorial). So, I decided it’s time to write yet another blogging app.

I’m very happy–and even a bit surprised–that I was able to complete the Roguelike challenge. It ended up with a few bugs, but those are most likely due to the modifications I made on my own. The game does run, and it isn’t all that exciting as it is now, but the source is available up on Github (it doesn’t even have a name yet!) if anyone is interested. I will keep poking at it to clean up all the bugs I introduced, and add some new features.

That brings us to the new blogging app. By now, I’ve used about every blogging software (Blogger, MoveableType, WordPress, Drupal, Jekyll, and likely others), and have written my own in just about every language I know (Perl, ASP, Ruby, and now Python). It’s kind of a joke at this point, really. So, why write another? Well, it’s often a suggested project to tackle when learning a new language, and since it involves working with a variety of ideas (file access, reading configuration, text transformation, etc), it should be a good challenge. I’m also going work on adding testing and adding type hinting to the project as much as I can.

While I’ve made some progress on the blogging app, I’m not quite ready to share the code. The end goal is to have the app build this site, so I have a bit of work to go.