A list of items I’m currently doing my best to focus my attention on. This is based on the “now page” idea by Derek Sivers.

  • Lists of Bests

As explained in a post here on the site, I’m going to try and bring back an old project of mine. I don’t plan on bringing it back to its former glory, but I’d like to get it pretty close.

A simple creative prompt generator I wrote mainly as an exercise to teach myself React and Redux. It doesn’t do a whole lot now, but my plan is to expand it to allow you to specify your own subjects and techniques. Note: it looks a bit better viewing on a phone instead of a desktop.

  • Beginner Javascript introduction

I’ve started writing a simple, beginner Javascript introductory “class” to explain the basics and teach some simple programming concepts. I only have a couple of lessons halfway written so far, but I really want to get started working on it again.

This has been on hiatus for almost three years now, but I’m going to start making progress on getting it running again. I don’t think I’ll stick with the same long-form interview format, but I’ll start updating it with something! Unfortunately, there are many technical hurdles to jump to get it functioning properly, like a weblog software update, moving a lot of image files around, and other boring tasks.

  • Sketching, and more sketching

Over the last few years, I’ve really made a point to put something down in a sketchbook as often as I can. You can keep up with my progress on Flickr, Instagram, and the #sketching tag here.

  • This weblog

I started this up again with the goal of updating more, but that hasn’t really happened yet. I’m hoping a fresh burst of motivation in the new year will get me moving.

Last updated: October 30, 2017