A list of items I’m currently doing my best to focus my attention on. This is based on the “now page” idea by Derek Sivers.

  • Learning Python

Since Python seems to come up more often in relation to machine learninf and AI, I figure it would be a good language to try and teach myself. My first post on learning the language is here.

  • Lists of Bests

As explained in a post here on the site, I’m going to try and bring back an old project of mine. I don’t plan on bringing it back to its former glory, but I’d like to get it pretty close.

  • Sketching, and more sketching

Over the last few years, I’ve really made a point to put something down in a sketchbook as often as I can. You can keep up with my progress on Flickr, Instagram, and the #sketching tag here.

  • This weblog

I started this up again with the goal of updating more, but that hasn’t really happened yet. I’m hoping a fresh burst of motivation in the new year will get me moving.

Last updated: February 26, 2019