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Making my own sketchbooks — 2017-12-12

With some basic supplies, I started making my own sketchbooks on the cheap.

Stopping CNN's autoplaying videos with a Chrome extension — 2017-11-15

I'm sick of CNN's autoplay videos, and I'd like to learn how to write a Chrome extension

Setting up SSL/HTTPS with Let's Encrypt for kindofblue.com — 2017-11-09

I use Let's Encrypt and a handy utility to set up SSL/HTTPS for the kindofblue.com domain

How I'll build the new Lists of Bests — 2017-11-02

Explaining what I think I'm going to use in building the new version of Lists of Bests

Bringing back an old friend — 2017-10-30

Where I explain that I'm going to try and bring 'Lists of Bests' back from the dead.

I think I'm going to like this book — 2017-03-17

I've only read the introduction, but I already love this book

What I'm doing — 2017-01-02

Trying to keep a list of my current tasks and how that's going

Filling up sketchbooks — 2016-12-23

I've spent the last few years making a lot of progress on sketching more often.

Starting again — 2016-12-04

Where I wipe everything out and start the blog over again.